Company processes – Administrative processes

The efficiency of administrative, accounting and control processes is an improvement factor both in the PMI and in the more structured realities.

GRUPPO AMIRA offers support:

  • in the analysis of “as is” processes and in their translation into formalized procedures;
  • in identifying control points and critical gaps of existing informal processes;
  • in the improvement of existing processes to guarantee the correct circulation of information within the company, reducing significant risks and errors.

Repetitive habits and behaviors arising within the company create processes and automatisms between the different functions that are difficult to translate into written procedures, but easily generating errors and risks to which the management is not able to remedy, if not in front of the accomplished fact.

A correct management of information within the company information system and above all a correct analysis of information flows can contribute to:

  • to identify the control points in order to prevent errors;
  • to define roles and responsibilities within the process itself, reducing the risk of collusion of interests and fraud;
  • to improve closing activities.