Gruppo Amira - servizi conzulenziali, di controlling e unbundling


To offer professional services of excellence and quality,also guaranteeing to private individuals and PMI (with particular regard to producers of electricity and gas) the high standards of the great players in the world of consulting and auditing,but offering response times and a better collaboration.


Transparency in everything we do.Any problem can be solved,but must be done by acting openly. Any problem can be solved,but must be done by acting openly.

Confidence: every collaboration must be based on mutual trust. Without trust we believe that there can be no basis for the continuation of a relationship.

Honesty. We leave to the others the deceptive behaviors. We don’t accept a commission if we suspect that the rules are not respected.

Availability. The customer is always at the center of our attention. We are always available for any eventuality or clarification.There is no time limit within which to be contacted.

Seriousness and commitment. We always guarantee the utmost commitment to the tasks in which we are involved. We will give up an assignment if we can give little attention to it because of the other works already started,not to diminish the quality of the latter.